Friday, 30 September 2011

fox hoody

fox hoody by mord
fox hoody, a photo by mord on Flickr.

Jebus made a week on the wagon or a wagon.

Son o matic now 14 and has PC hardware to die for, never spent so much money on PC stuff.

car passed MOT 2nd year running !

Hoping to see Wim O Bush tomorrow and best Fiend.

Found Casey on art web site and facebook, well I'm convinced it's her but might be wrong, she has loads of sons so suspect she gets little time for interweb, still there is a hope it's her.

Weather 28 degrees , super weird hope stays the same for tomorrow I like heat when it's not supposed to be there, anarchy heat ?

Sunday, 25 September 2011


whiteness by mord
whiteness, a photo by mord on Flickr.

Tecniquest never changes !

Facebook closed, failed in finding Rasmussens :(

Son nearly 14, daughter so grown up, speed of light broken ? Large objects from space falling, two canon EOS1000s for a few quid.

Charley's new name Stormagedden, the babies name in Doctor who.

Need holiday.

Love work though.

Friday, 23 September 2011

I wish they all could be californian girls

I was dreaming of girls I met one New years Eve in a Cardiff hotel when I was a DJ ( in the 80s ) and then I used to write to them and Casey Rasmussen came to London and I went up to see her. I brought Faggy's ( the weird carrot invented by me for letter writing ) for Ann and Casey and I think a record for Ann. Anyway trying to find either of them on the interweb, but they are probably married and have new sir names, I do remember they had sisters called Kricket and Holly.

Anyway this is a photo they sent me in the 80s

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Overdose by mord
Overdose, a photo by mord on Flickr.

Another trip still no lense cover, shelves are a pain, cat poo on mouse mat.

Italian meal today with nurses.

Weather wet but lovely.

Pull, push reports tommorow

Brandy nom nom

Missing Wim O bush been so many months now :(

Monday, 12 September 2011

Taking it back

Taking it back by mord
Taking it back, a photo by mord on Flickr.

So windy and fresh, the tail end of a hurricane. Wierdest dream last night involving Julia, Taffs Well, manky men and poo !

PIC chips not functioning, isolation issues.

Day 1 again and again, Canon Epoch is insane.