Monday, 30 May 2011

Rodent a huge one

Rodent a huge one, originally uploaded by mord.

Wine is just too nice.

Hospitals seem wrong mostly.

There is so much stuff we never say.

There is so much stuff we never see.

I have never needed a sleeping tablet.

I wish I had a rodent.


Contemplate, originally uploaded by mord.

Bank holiday wetness, damp washing smells, friends Mum looks too young, the £10 xeon worked I wonder of one day humans will have their own built in apps ?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The city

The city, originally uploaded by mord.

Come on Cardiff City you HAVE to make it into the premiership !

So 7 days in new work, loving the smell of equipment and electronics and I can still use instruments, tools and solder. The people are the same as people in manufacturing always have been.

I had the Friday feeling :) danced in my car driving home ( not done that for 3 years ) and drank too much wine in the evening.

I have a friend ( Wim O Bush ) who's life is changing in a massive way, so happy for her she deserves to be everything she can be, and needs less wine like me.

Our attempt at growing veggies is not working :(

Missing the people of Velindre but more and more understanding how nursing isn't a normal occupation and shifts are just not good for us humans.

Bestival looks incredible this year.

I am going to blog more it's just for me to look back on.

Yay Labour did well in Cardiff West and over much of Wales, boo no majority, boo no AV :(

Monday, 2 May 2011

the hand

the hand, originally uploaded by mord.

Now whenever I eat chocolate I think of nursing.

Saw the Fuji x100 today, very nice indeed.

I can't figure if I should carry on with Flickr, I can't be arsed to make comments and don't really want more contacts, don't have many contacts that post regular, seems I have no focus it used to be about showing off and I don't seem to want to show off anymore.

Foruth day in new job tommorow. No sign of Sony's network and Laden it seems is dead or is he ?

Sunday, 1 May 2011


Kait, originally uploaded by mord.

So doesn't seem like 17 years, she works now and is studying like a manic study type person, she is so beautiful and lovely I am so proud. I love her.

More Bunny feet

More Bunny feet, originally uploaded by mord.

Having trouble with your omelette, cheat like I do and once it's half cooked in a pan put it under the grill to do the top half then just slide it onto a plate.

Worked three days in new job and then four days off this country is mad, watched the Royal wedding because it was on, having some disturbing dreams, but then I suppose I always did have. Can't blog them or I will be committed.

Still not feeling right, can't explain something to do with 2 years of emotion or controlled emotion, cutting booze out soon and loosing some weight.

Off to see Terry's car.