Sunday, 21 March 2010

Charley and Lola

Charley and Lola, originally uploaded by mord.

Charley is still a kitten really he is not even one year old, Lola we are not sure we think she is the same age but she could be older, they sleep and play like they are siblings but they are not, I love how cats will not do anything when you want them to, we love them to bits.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

guinea fez

guinea fez, originally uploaded by mord.

A cool rainy day today, love the rain and the smell of freshness and damp, had a fun time in Whitchurch volunteering and got a call about an interview for an engineering job next week. My baby Kate is 16 on Monday, life changes so fast and I love life. Kate wants HD video capability and DSLR we will see what the finances are like, we have so many cameras in the house and nobody taking photos.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

spring a plan

spring and church, originally uploaded by mord.

So it's feeling spring, out in the garden today with cats playing and sun on my skin producing the much needed vitamin D, a plan for today and the future.

1. Walk to Cardiff town with son
2. Take camera
3. Take photos
4. Stop wasting time on facebook I find it boring
5. Post more to flickr
6. I have a lot of photos on flickr not titled or tagged or visible make them public and write some words on them.
7. Look for another job every day
8. Blog now and again
9. exercise and loose weight
10. Stop making lists :P

My blue faerie friend

make-up, originally uploaded by Abendlicht.

I have known my beautiful talented friend Marianne for many years now, we have never met but I feel a connection we will always have, she used to take the most wonderful self portraits of her self, I hope she starts taking them again one day. Here is her blog you should visit it when you get time, her words make lots of sense.