Thursday, 26 January 2012

on top

on top by mord
on top, a photo by mord on Flickr.

Washing machine fail.

Cats bothering me as they are bored, roll on spring when they go out.

Changes to weekend group, Joseph not allowed.

Beard cat weazle, hair wiggy, playing at being Santa, dry for a week.

Photo ideas, macros with light tent thing, might need lights, night photos, some dusk and dawn while days are short, street shots, random places where I've never been in Cardiff. Try portrait. Cats and cat videos. Still need the different camera each week thing. Camera club at work idea.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

How did we get to be this far apart?

Chan dal.

Nice walk in Fforest Fawr, brand new office shoes covered in mud, testaclay on barbed wire to get to dangerous drop. Blue pool snooker with floating logs.. Joseph found Milky Joe. Charley has a dog tail. Fancy subway.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dandelion soul

Dandelion soul by mord
Dandelion soul, a photo by mord on Flickr.

Slept terrible ( if at all ) work easing in and quiet, car park swimming pool, window leaking, new binocs much better.

Drive home almost a record and actually some natural light to drive by.

Decos coming down, tree now out the back still alive and probably in ectasy at being in the cold and wet, ok so trees can't feel like that.

Listening to Arcade Fire and need to make more CDs for the car.

Weather really intersesting.

Should I blog every day ? Trying twitter again but don't really get it, think it only works if you're logged on all the time.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Proud Keeley

Proud Keeley by mord
Proud Keeley, a photo by mord on Flickr.

Christmas 2012 lasted forever. it's nearly over and looking forward to getting nack to work.

Beans and chips is Asda and cofee in M&S with wifey.

My 5mW laser lasted 3 goes photos started for 2012, weight loss must happen after birthday and gradual cut down on booze.

Charley still packing on the pounds, 18 inch waist.

Must take shells and Bratz to work, oh and Simon's cat mouse mat.

Don't do lists or resolutions but want to start photo projects and random stuff, change volunteering and get house sorted.