Saturday, 7 May 2011

The city

The city, originally uploaded by mord.

Come on Cardiff City you HAVE to make it into the premiership !

So 7 days in new work, loving the smell of equipment and electronics and I can still use instruments, tools and solder. The people are the same as people in manufacturing always have been.

I had the Friday feeling :) danced in my car driving home ( not done that for 3 years ) and drank too much wine in the evening.

I have a friend ( Wim O Bush ) who's life is changing in a massive way, so happy for her she deserves to be everything she can be, and needs less wine like me.

Our attempt at growing veggies is not working :(

Missing the people of Velindre but more and more understanding how nursing isn't a normal occupation and shifts are just not good for us humans.

Bestival looks incredible this year.

I am going to blog more it's just for me to look back on.

Yay Labour did well in Cardiff West and over much of Wales, boo no majority, boo no AV :(

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